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Historically, a plastic bag was a medium to carry or transport products of items, however, with the advent of adbags, we identified a bag as a medium to advertise and as a marketing tool at the most affordable price compared to TV, radio, newspaper and billboards. A printed bag was white in colour with one colour print with a punch our handle. Upon Sun Delight Limited’s entry to the market, we have introduced bags of almost every colour “under the sun” and with six (6) colour print capability, with a wide variety of handles to choose :

  • Cord and Ribbon
    with matching colour eyelets
  • Soft loop handles
    assorted colours to match print or bag colour
  • Pull string
    Hotel bags
  • Packaging
    for added strength to facilitate heavier weight
  • Punch out handle
    for bags that do not require any weight
  • Buntin
    with matching colour eyelets
  • Soft Loop Flat Bags
    with matching colour eyelets
  • Specialty Bags
    with matching colour eyelets

To enhance the advantages and add esthetics of the above, we can offer bags printed 360 degrees or 100% surface coverage to include printing in the gusset to allow maximum exposure. There is also the further option of cardboard inserts for extra dimension and strength with an option for square bottom shape, similar to the product available in the international market.

Some of our other products include :

  • Industrial Bags – huge packing bags
  • Baler bags – To package smaller bags into a convenient package
  • Printed sheeting for the packaging industry (rice, sugar)
  • Lamination – Snack industry (corn curls, peanuts, channa, donuts).
  • Construction Film – Film that is used in the construction industry.
Our Research and Development has allowed us to offer a product that is 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND 100% RECYCLABLE. In keeping with the international concept of “GOING GREEN” we have developed an AD Campaign and “Branded” our product so as to ensure that we have a “SUSTAINABLE ADVANTAGE” in this market to include all of the Caribbean. Our first campaign centered around the theme “MOBILIZE YOUR BRAND”.