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Sun Delight Ltd. is a plastic manufacturing company which has been in operation since November 18th 1997. Our initial core business was the manufacture of shrink film which is primarily used in the beverage industry. In 1999, we expanded our operations to include the manufacture of plastic bags and we quickly realized the vast potential of this new and previously underdeveloped product line.

Innovative thinking and willingness to invest have made us the first and only company in the history of the Caribbean to develop an advertising campaign for a bag even going so far as to brand our bags adbags. The "Ad Bag Collection" consist of high end boutique bags for all occasions. Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day, Eid, Christmas, to name a few.

A bag is no longer just a bag to carry your products, now it's one of the most cost effective marketing tools available, that carries your company’s branding and identity wherever it goes. adbags have changed the rules of the game, and have revolutionized the plastic bag industry in the region. Sun delight has taken an ordinary product and transformed it into a highly sought after and valuable commodity.

So what makes Sun Delight’s products so unique? ADAPTABILITY! Having our own production facility means that we’re not limited to offering standard sizes or gauge, we can customize every individual customer’s bag into a one of a kind creation. As for colour, whether it’s bags or print we can proudly offer any colour under the sun.

Our products are used in every environment from the demanding Industrial and construction sectors to the utilitarian over the counter and supermarket sectors all the way to the more genteel and sophisticated commercial sector. This is why our company logo doesn't just say 'bags' but rather "…plastic packaging solutions…".

Superior product quality, as yet unmatched product variety and our outstanding customer service have allowed Sun Delight to become the market leader. Our company tagline is "LOCAL TALENT – INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago".